What should I pay attention to in the prevention and control of myopia in summer vacation? What are the misunderstandings? Hear what the experts have

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Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on the Selection of The 2022 National Children and Adolescents Myopia Prevention and Control Base", deploying the selection and construction of the first batch of national children and adolescents myopia prevention and control bases.

In recent years, the myopia of children and adolescents in China has shown a trend of high incidence and young age, which has seriously affected the physical and mental health of children and aroused great concern from all over society.

Summer vacation is a critical period for the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents. In order to guide children and adolescents to use their eyes scientifically, regular work and rest, and take the initiative to prevent and control myopia during the holidays, the Ministry of Education guides the national comprehensive prevention and control of children and adolescents myopia expert publicity team, on the basis of the 2022 winter vacation multi-scene myopia prevention and control Q&A released in January this year, to revise and form the 2022 summer vacation multi-scene myopia prevention and control Q&A, to provide scientific guidance for the majority of children, adolescents and parents to answer questions and provide scientific guidance.

What should I pay attention to in the prevention and control of myopia in the summer?
Professor Kang Zefeng, director of the National Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Myopia in Children and Adolescents in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a member of the National Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents of the Ministry of Education, reminds you to pay attention to these problems →

Active Prevention Article | Early detection, early prevention
1, summer vacation to have a vision check?
Parents should take the initiative to take their children to the hospital to check their vision during the summer vacation, and children and adolescents can conduct self-vision tests through the standard logarithmic vision chart. Parents take the initiative to pay attention to the child's eye health, and find that the child has symptoms such as squinting, frowning, crooked head, and vision loss, and should go to a regular medical institution for examination in time to achieve early detection, early prevention, and early diagnosis and treatment. Regular vision and diopter examination can clearly understand the child's farsighted reserve or myopia degree, when it is found that the child's hyperopia reserve is insufficient or myopia deepens, active measures should be taken to scientifically prevent and control myopia.
2, some training or instruments on the market,  is it true?
Once myopia occurs, it is irreversible. Parents must not rush to the doctor, do not believe that myopia can be cured, myopia degree can be reduced and other false advertisements. Take the child to a regular medical institution for examination, and follow the doctor's instructions for scientific intervention and correction.
3. Why is the summer vacation a critical period for myopia prevention and control?
Summer vacation time is long, the weather is hot, children and adolescents are prone to irregular life, lack of outdoor activities, long-term indoor close-up use of eyes, etc., prone to myopia or myopia deepening. Advocate parents to establish a scientific concept of parenting, strengthen parent-child communication during the summer vacation, guide children and adolescents to reasonably plan summer vacation life, regular work and rest, and actively participate in physical exercise, housework, social practice, public welfare activities, etc.


Outdoor sports article | Not at home, more outdoors

1. How long is outdoor activity effective in preventing myopia?
Outdoor activities are the most effective and economical method of myopia prevention and control. It is recommended to be active outdoors in the sun for no less than 2 hours a day and not less than 14 hours per week. The key to outdoor activities is "outdoor", that is, bathing in the sun, rather than the content, method and intensity of the activity, paying attention to summer protection.
2, summer vacation weather is too hot do not want to go out, indoor activities can prevent myopia?
The prevention and control effect of indoor active myopia is not ideal. Indoor activities do not have a wide field of view, light intensity is not enough, and sufficient light is the key to preventing myopia when outdoor activities. Summer weather is hot, so you can choose to go outdoors every day at times when the sun is not too strong. At home, you can go to the balcony or window to get more exposure to the sun.
3. Is outdoor activities on cloudy days effective in the prevention and control of myopia?
The intensity of light outdoors on cloudy days is much greater than indoors. Outdoor activities on cloudy days have a certain effect on the prevention and control of myopia.
4. What outdoor sports can be recommended?
All kinds of ball sports are a good way to prevent and control myopia. When playing ball, both eyes track the trajectory of balls near and far, which can effectively exercise the ciliary muscles and promote blood circulation in the eyes. Running, doing exercises, group play, walking, etc. are all good ways to exercise outdoors.

Extracurricular Reading | Posture, Brightness
1, Reading Paper Books for a Long Time Will It Hurt Your Eyes?
Compared to electronic screens, paper reading materials are relatively less harmful to the eyes. Improper reading posture and prolonged use of the eyes at close range can cause eye fatigue. When reading, pay attention to timely rest, the lower grade primary school students each time continuous reading and writing does not exceed 20 minutes, the upper grade primary school students each continuous reading and writing does not exceed 30 minutes, and the middle school students do not exceed 40 minutes.
2. Reading at home during the summer vacation, what is the correct sitting posture? Correct sitting posture can effectively prevent the occurrence and development of myopia. When writing and reading, keep the eye distance reasonable, the head position is correct, adhere to the "one foot and one punch and one inch", that is, the eyes are one foot away from the book (about 33 cm), the chest is a punch away from the edge of the table (about 10 cm), and the finger holding the pen is one inch (about 3 cm) away from the tip of the pen. You can't lie on your desk or lie on the bed or on the couch to read a book, let alone read a book in a traveling carriage.
3. What are the requirements for light when reading during summer vacation?
Too much or too dark light can have a negative effect on the eyes. Avoid reading and using electronics in direct sunlight. When the light of home learning is insufficient, turn on the double light source of the room top lamp and the table lamp to assist the lighting, and the table lamp should be placed in front of the opposite side of the writer. The desk position is preferably close to the window, so that more natural light can be absorbed during the day when studying.

Electronic products | Choose the screen, control the length
of time 1, summer vacation at home, how long is the video screen time appropriate?
It is recommended to look at the screen for 20 minutes, look up at the far 20 feet (6 meters) away for at least 20 seconds, that is, "20-20-20" tips. Children under 3 years of age should avoid contact with electronic products, and preschoolers should use electronic products as little as possible. Children and adolescents do not exceed 1 hour of entertainment video time per day.
2. Are there any requirements for choosing electronic products?
When choosing electronic products, it is recommended to use the order of use for projectors, TVs, computers, tablets, and mobile phones. The general principle is that the larger the screen, the higher the resolution, the better, adjust the brightness according to the environment. When the surrounding environment is dark, turn on the lighting of the room to avoid using electronic products in an overly dark environment.
3. Can the "eye protection mode" of electronic devices protect the eyes?
The "eye protection mode" of electronic products is to protect the eyes by shielding blue light and adjusting the brightness of the screen. However, if electronic products are used for a long time and close up, it will cause eye fatigue and deepen the degree of myopia.
4. When watching TV and computer, how far is the right distance?
When watching TV, the eyes should be more than 3 meters away from the TV screen or 6 times the length of the diagonal line of the TV screen. When watching the computer, the distance between the eyes and the computer screen should be greater than 50cm (about an arm's distance), the line of sight is slightly downward, and the center of the computer screen should be about 10cm below the eye line of sight, which can effectively reduce eye dryness, eye fatigue and so on.

Self-care | Eye care, diligent exercises

When there are symptoms of discomfort such as dry eyes and eye fatigue, doing eye health exercises can be effectively improved, so that the eyes can get full rest, and eye health exercises should achieve the eight-character policy, that is, "accurate, sufficient, sufficient, and long-lasting", and adhere to more than 2 times a day.
In addition, eye fatigue can also be relieved by closing your eyes, looking away, and closing your eyes with a hot towel for 10-15 minutes. When watching electronics, be conscious and blink more. Maintain proper room temperature and humidity.

Regular Schedules | Sleep enough, not picky eaters1
, is adequate sleep helpful for vision?
Adequate sleep is not only important for the physical development of children and adolescents, but also for visual development. Parents are advised to lead by example, guide their children to work and rest regularly, and ensure adequate sleep time. Kindergarten and primary school students sleep not less than 10 hours a day, junior high school students sleep no less than 9 hours a day, and high school students sleep no less than 8 hours a day.
2. What should I pay attention to when I prevent myopia during the holidays?
Parents should be diversified in recipes, balanced nutrition, guide children not to be picky, not partial to food, eat more vegetables and fruits, appropriate intake of fish, soy products and eggs and other high-quality protein, but also can eat carrots, blueberries and other foods rich in vitamins that are good for the eyes. Consume less sweets, carbonated drinks, and fried foods.

The physical and mental health of adolescents is the top priority that needs the attention of the whole society, myopia is harmful, prevention and control is particularly important, and it requires the joint efforts of relevant state departments, schools, and parents:
let our children
have a pair of bright eyes and
a bright future!

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