The "epidemic" cannot be ignored, and the love is overweight | Ourlook has repeatedly donated anti-epidemic materials

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Update time : 2022-03-27 11:51:48
  The more difficult the moment, the more responsibility it shows. Epidemic prevention materials of Ourlook (Zhangzhou) Optical Technology Co., Ltd.: medical face shield, goggles, etc. have been used for personal protection of medical staff, border inspection personnel, volunteer groups, community workers and other groups of people The products are in sufficient supply and demand, and at the same time, the company continues to give love and support the front-line workers of epidemic prevention many times!
 As a high-tech enterprise capable of producing anti-epidemic protective equipment, Ourlook (Zhangzhou) Optical Technology Co., Ltd. invested in intensive production at the first time, and worked overtime to ensure the supply of face shields (eye masks).

  The workshop works overtime to produce protective face shield ↑↑

Anti-epidemic has me, Ourlook has made many additional donations
Responsibility in extraordinary times, and additional love to show the pattern : In order to support and assist the hometown's epidemic prevention and control, Ourlook (Zhangzhou) Optical Technology Co., Ltd. donated anti-epidemic materials to the Zhangzhou Red Cross Society in two batches from March 22 to 23. , a total of 12,000 face shield and 2,400 goggles were donated, with a total value of more than 84,000 yuan to support the epidemic prevention and control work in Zhangzhou.

On this basis, General Manager Wu of Ourlook was concerned about the development of the epidemic, and continued to make additional donations of epidemic materials. On March 25, the company donated a total of 600 face shield to Zhangzhou High Enterprise Association and Minxingbei County Community, Longwen District, Zhangzhou City. 96 pairs of goggles are used for daily epidemic prevention and control/nucleic acid detection at the grassroots level of all staff.

At 3:00 p.m. on March 26, Ourlook Company made an additional donation: 2,500 medical face shield were donated to Zhangzhou People's Hospital through the Zhangzhou Red Cross Society for the personal protection of medical staff during the epidemic and daily work.

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