Ourlook anti blue light antibacterial lens!

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Update time : 2021-11-18 15:00:00

The concept of epidemic prevention and control is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and health protection has become our daily habits. Wearing masks can protect the mouth and nose, and washing hands can wash away the bacteria attached to the hands, but eye protection is often ignored. Although the lens can help the eyes resist the invasion of droplet bacteria, a large number of bacteria will adhere and survive after long-term use, which will always threaten our eye health.

     Think carefully about whether you often unconsciously straighten your glasses with your hands; Or when you feel tired eyes, take off your glasses and habitually rub your eyes with your fingers and pinch the bridge of your nose; Or in order to clean the lens, put the lens directly into your mouth and take a sip of hot air?


People who have these habits and don't pay attention to cleaning glasses, intentionally or unintentionally touch their mouth and nose after touching glasses, which virtually increases the risk of disease.


If you have such concerns and needs, you might as well try using Ourlook anti blue light antibacterial lens. Its special feature is that it uses a film technology upgraded by Aote road this year, which can inactivate bacteria and viruses on the surface of the lens and give more peace of mind and protection to the eyes.


Ourlook anti blue light antibacterial lens is a silver ion material with broad-spectrum antibacterial and anti-virus properties, which is integrated into the coating with innovative technology.


According to the detection of professional scientific research institutions at home and abroad, the effective rate of Ourlook anti blue light antibacterial lens on inactivating virus bacteria is 99.9% *, which can reduce the risk of indirect contact between the lens and human body.

*Test the effect of envelope virus based on iso21702:2019 (the test virus name is influenza A virus H1N1)

Based on iso22196:2011 and GB / T 31402-2015, the effects of gram-negative (E.coli) and Gram-positive bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) were tested.


Ourlook anti blue light antibacterial lens continues the high-quality performance of the classic diamond cubic platinum film - clear, transparent, wear-resistant and easy to clean. As a film technology, it can be matched to many series of functional lenses of Aote road to meet your different eye needs.

At special times, it is equipped with Aote road anti blue light antibacterial lens to continuously take care of eye health.
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