Not afraid of repeated epidemic situations, Ourlook road works with the country to fight the epidemic

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Update time : 2021-10-05 21:17:00

The epidemic is back,

Showing a trend of multi-point occurrence and local outbreak,

The epidemic is not over yet, and prevention and control cannot be relaxed.

We must pay attention to protection.


Anti epidemic Road

Except that masks are just needed to prevent and fight the epidemic,

Other hard core epidemic prevention products  

Face / eye masks bear the brunt,

For example, one of the epidemic prevention stars on Ourlook

Protective mask / Eye Mask

Let's get to know each other


This is what epidemic prevention stars look like when they are "on standby" ↓↓


This is the time when epidemic prevention stars are "ready to go"  ↓↓



During anti epidemic, ordinary anti epidemic products also have their "highlight moment"  ↓↓


         The optical products produced by Ourlook (Zhangzhou) Optical Technology Co., Ltd. are of stable quality and exported to many countries. With the recurrence of the epidemic, the protective masks and antibacterial goggles developed by the company will make the best use of them and will escort all epidemic prevention and anti epidemic personnel.


Ourlook (Zhangzhou) Optical Technology Co., Ltd., established in March 2014 with a registered capital of 9.98 million yuan, is located next to Longwen middle school, Changshan farm, Lantian Town, Longwen District, covering an area of about 2600 square meters. 

The company independently researched and developed anti blue light (anti radiation) nanotechnology, and combined fine structure nano materials with optical lenses to create blank optical products in China. The product contains many new optical characteristics, with negative refraction, breaking through the diffraction limit optics, and effectively promoting the wearer of optical glasses to easily meet a variety of visual needs (such as the resolution of high beam light at night, cloudy, rainy and foggy days; the blocking of blue light radiation such as computers and LED lights). It is one of the few enterprises with a complete industrial chain of nano optical manufacturing in China. 

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