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Why can you appear myopia?  

Myopia is generally related to the following factors.  

First, you use your eyes more closely.  Nowadays, we attach great importance to education. Many children begin to develop their intelligence at a very young age, learning to draw, write, play the piano and so on. Using their eyes at close distance for a long time may trigger myopia.  

Second, use electronic products more.  Nowadays, the popularity of electronic products is very high. Children playing with mobile phones, tablet computers and watching TV for a long time will induce myopia.  

Third, less outdoor activities.  Many children now stay at home, rarely enjoy outdoor sunshine, vision is not broad, the epidemic has a greater impact.  

Fourth, genetic factors, parents have myopia, children have a higher chance of myopia, if the parents are highly myopic, then children myopia progress is also easy to be faster.  

Prevent myopia, how should parents do?  

 Parents can carry out targeted prevention according to the reasons just mentioned.  Get rid of bad eye habits, reduce close distance with the eye, increase outdoor activities, basking in the sun can prevent myopia.  

Because sun exposure will not only produce vitamin D to make children grow taller, but also increase the secretion of dopamine in our body, which can inhibit the growth of the eye axis, so it can prevent the occurrence of myopia.  

Studies have shown that spending more than 14 hours a week outdoors -- two hours a day -- can reduce the incidence of myopia by 50 percent.  Again, even if it's cloudy or rainy, it's good to be outside because there's still the sun's rays.  

Can children look at their cell phones?   

1. The current advice is not to touch any electronic products, including TV, mobile phone, tablet computer, etc., before the age of 3.   

Children between the ages of 2 and 3 and 7 can watch TV, but the time should not exceed 15 minutes at a time, not more than an hour a day.  

3, after 7 years old, mobile phone, tablet computer is definitely to touch, but each time duration should not be more than 30 minutes, 10 minutes of rest, look at the distance, can proceed to the next study.  Each session should not last more than 15 minutes 

How to find abnormal vision in children?  How often should I have my eyesight checked?  

 It is recommended to establish an eye development profile for children from the age of 3, including vision, refractive status, eye axis and so on.  Because with the child growing taller, the eye is also in continuous development, parents can take the child to the hospital every year to check once, half a year after primary school.   

This can catch your child's vision problems early.  If a child blinks, squints, squints, or needs to walk very close to watch TV, parents should bring their child to the hospital for professional examination.  

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