Donate to hometown to tide over the epidemic

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Update time : 2022-03-24 09:15:07
    COVID-19 is spreading across the country.  As the epidemic situation in Fujian province is becoming increasingly tense and severe, Ourlook (Zhangzhou) Optical Technology Co., LTD., in the first time, took full action and responded positively, putting in full capacity to improve production capacity and ensure the priority of supply and demand of epidemic materials.  

At present, Ourlook face shield、eye mask has been put into the front line of the epidemic. The small face shield has great effect and supports nucleic acid testing for all people, which is urgent.

    In order to support and assist the epidemic prevention and control work in their hometown, Ourlook donated the first batch of epidemic prevention materials on March 22 through the Municipal Red Cross society and the Municipal Committee of Farmers and Labor Party: 10,500 isolation face shield and 1,440 safety goggles worth 66,900 yuan.
On March 23, the company donated the second batch of epidemic prevention materials: 1500 isolation face shield and 960 safety goggles, showing its love and contribution to the epidemic situation in the hometown.   This embodies the corporate responsibility and social responsibility of Ourlook, and interprets the "Ourlook spirit" of selfless dedication in emergency times.

     In times of emergency, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with my hometown, worked together and helped each other. I believe that we will prevail over the epidemic through solidarity and cooperation.
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