Date of great cold | delegates from the 6th Longwen District National People’s Congress (Lam Tin Delegation) Visit Ourlook

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Update time : 2022-01-20 15:12:00

This activity went deep into the grass-roots level to inspect the work of Ourlook company in terms of product development, product efficacy, product innovation and the company's contribution to epidemic prevention and control in eye protection, especially youth eye health. Wu Xiaotong, general manager of Ourlook, and the heads of relevant companies warmly received the representatives and introduced them accordingly.

The deputies of the District People's Congress went deep into Ourlook coating workshop, laboratory, office area, sample room, exhibition hall and other areas, inspected the production process and product quality control of the company's products, visited the company's achievements of various glasses products, and personally experienced and felt Ourlook products. The delegates expressed their satisfaction with the company's eye health work, especially the youth's eye health work Made full affirmation and appreciation, and put forward valuable suggestions and opinions on the future development of the company in this regard!

General manager Wu Xiaotong and Ourlook company founded by Wu Xiaotong personally. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has always adhered to the cause of eye health for young people, fulfilled corporate and social responsibilities in the prevention and control of young people's eyes, myopia and amblyopia (color blindness and color weakness), and made due contributions.

There is warmth in the depths of years, and spring is at the end of severe winter!

Although today is a cold solar term, the deputies to the District People's Congress and their delegation have brought bursts of warmth to Ourlook. Ourlook will also make its own contribution to China's youth myopia protection and eye health with its own practical actions!

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